Singltrek Surfer Challenge is a competition for riders who love Singltrek. With the help of the Singletracker mobile application, you will check in selected places of Singltrek pod Smrkem, you will prove how much and how often you ride on Singltrek. If you meet the conditions of each type of competition, you will get a T-shirt, hat or headband and you will be able to boast the title Singltrek Surfer.

Frequent Surfer

Do you often go to Singltrek pod Smrkem? Check in at the Singltrek Center
at least 5 times during the season. Get a Frequent Surfer title and a hat.

Complete Surfer

You will go around all the circuits of Singltrek pod Smrkem, no matter if you like it
will you succeed in one ride or will you go for-more-times? Check in and
take pictures at 5 intersections and get the title Complete Surfer and a hat.

Kid Surfer

Go around the blue or red circle with your parents, check yourself and take a picture
at checkpoints. You get a headband and you become a Kid

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